The party card game that'll challenge your communication skills with furry friends!

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How to play:

To play online with friends you'll need a live voice chat app such as Discord. You'll also need one person in the group to broadcast the board. This can easily be done by video call on Discord, or using Kosmi.

You'll need at least 4 players. Players separate into two groups, which can be: Canines , Felines , Avians or Scalies . The playing board is a grid of 5x5 words (or images).

Each team has a captain or chief. One of the chiefs must click on the menu to get a Chief's Sheet, which only the chiefs should see.

Each word on the 5x5 grid is actually the secret nickname to an imaginary contact from either
team , or an unsuspecting passerby , or a lethal social outcast . The chiefs must ensure, by turns, that their team mates only choose the words that belong to their team. To achieve this, at every turn, the team chief can only say one word, and one number. For example, "America, 2".

The regular team members then proceed to debate and finally select "2" words related to the keyword, "America". After each single word selection, the board broadcaster / chiefs reveal the color of that word by clicking on it. If the team got it right, they can continue selecting words. If they chose a word of the wrong color (either the color of the opposing team, or neutral color ), it's the other team's turn. If they chose the word belonging to the lethal outcast , that team just loses!

All in all:
The chief should always avoid saying a keyword that can be related to the deadly secret name.
On every turn, the team members can select as many words as the last number the chief said plus 1, or until they choose a wrong word.
Keywords must be related by their meaning. For example, saying "Row, 5" to get all words on row 5 to be selected, is not allowed.
Team members should ponder on keywords their chief said in previous turns if they don't know what word to select on this turn.
The first team to reveal all their secret names wins!

Start playing by clicking on a board on the menu!

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